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Hi, I’m Bigi!

I am a certified parenting coach, based in Bristol, South West, UK. Following ten years’ interest in peaceful parenting, attachment theory, nervous system science, emotional intelligence, child development, trauma healing, and non-violent communication, I trained with the Jai Institute for Parenting in 2022 to gain a more complete knowledge and understanding of these topics and turn my passions into a career.

BG Parenting has been created out of a desire to empower more parents and caregivers to become this generation’s cycle breakers, moving away from conventional parenting that manages children’s behaviours with coercion, control, rewards and punishments. It aims to advocate for the view of children as worthy of unconditional respect, understanding and love, through supporting parents to feel worthy of the same, and shift their mindset about children to one of radical acceptance.

I wasn’t always a peaceful parent! I started parenthood with an authoritarian approach, the same one I grew up with. I was a warm and funny parent a lot of the time, but I also shouted regularly, and believed my son was difficult, defiant, and “pushing my buttons” on purpose, when conflict arose.

When he was 3, I realised that, if I carried on parenting as I did, my son would end up disliking me as a teen, as much as I got to disliking my own parents. I felt really sad at the idea, so I looked for parenting support online. I came across Dr Laura Markham’s peaceful parenting blog ( And, when my son was 5, in 2015, I completed Dr Markham’s very first peaceful parenting online course. I found the course very challenging at times, but it profoundly changed my parenting mindset and my relationship with my son, in ways that are now immeasurable.

My career background has always involved being of service to others, from Housing Officer to IT trainer, prior to home-educating my son. I believe it is my gift to offer unconditional love and acceptance to others, while supporting them to grow.

I’m now a happy solo parent, and I home educate my neurodivergent teenager part-time. I live with chronic health conditions, and I am part of the LGBTQ+ community.

I want to share my knowledge and experience to provide help for parents and carers to transform their relationship with their child(ren) to a peaceful and joyful one. I offer a nurturing and judgement-free parent coaching environment. This work really can be life-changing!

Join me and become the parent you want to be.

BG Parenting is a social enterprise.

This means that its profits are reinvested to further its mission to bring peaceful parenting to families in Bristol and the South West, by offering parenting support and parenting courses to low-income parents and carers for free or at a discounted cost.

If you don’t need my coaching services, but you are interested in making a donation towards parenting coaching for a family that cannot afford it, please contact me via the contact form or via email at Thank you.


Certification and Training

Jai Institute for Parenting certification badge
  • Parent Coach Certification (Jai Institute For Parenting (2022)
  • Connect 5 Mental Health training (Thrive Bristol, 2023)
  • Mental health and Wellbeing awareness (CASS, 2023)
  • Effectively Supporting People who have experienced Trauma course (CASS, 2023)

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  • ICO registered for Data Protection
  • Liability and indemnity insurance held
  • DBS checked