Here is what parents said about my parenting course and coaching:

I’m not sure my review can do Bigi justice. I started out hoping that this course might help a little in giving me some tools to be the parent I want to be. However what actually happened was beyond anything I could have imagined. It has actually been life changing. That might sound dramatic to some but this was so much more than just another ‘parenting course’. This for me was therapy and a complete shift of my perspective and behaviour which has positively translated onto my parenting. Bigi is so warm, wise and has natural therapeutic qualities. We looked at everything around personal history/central nervous system/trauma responses/self compassion/regulating emotions etc and I learned so much despite thinking I already knew so much on the subject. Consequently I am no longer triggered by big emotions in my children. I now feel calm and confident when faced with their big feelings or behaviour and most importantly I can empathise and relate to them more than ever with ‘connection’ being the main theme rather than battles. It feels so much nicer and easier to parent this way and I’m hoping this will result in raising very emotionally intelligent and well rounded children. The course is really good, very informative and a game changer but it’s Bigi who really makes the magic happen. She is amazing at what she does. I cannot thank you enough. I just wish I had done this years ago!

Charlotte E – Parent of 3 year-old and baby

I am so grateful to have found Bigi! It has felt so special to have this time and support to focus on my parenting skills. I have developed better communication connection and more understanding… I am no way near perfect and know that is ok too! We have laughed and dug deep… It is a huge relief to be readdressing my approaches and to have Bigi and the course to guide us into a more harmonious future. My (neurodiverse) child has been more affectionate, noticed we argue far less…and like me is feeling the benefits of a deeper more gentle stronger approach to parenting.

RP – Parent of 11 year-old

I recently completed the 12 week course with Bigi.

From the first session on, I could notice a change in my thought patterns and behaviour and throughout the course I was equipped with knowledge and strategies that changed how I interact with my children.

The weekly sessions helped me understand the course material in more detail and together we explored how to put it into practice.

Bigi really provided a safe space for me to explore my patterns and thoughts and helped me grow as a parent.

Nina A – Parent of 8 and 2 year olds

My husband and I just completed Bigi’s 12 weeks parenting course and it has been absolutely fantastic – for me personally and for us as a family.
Bigi is a warm and kind coach; so patient and empathetic. It felt like a safe place to explore my own parenting style and develop a deeper understanding of my own needs and the needs of my children.
Thanks to this course I feel an even deeper and intimate connection to my children and have the tools I need to be more considered in my interactions and to be truly present.
There is no finish line/end game – just a wonderful journey of discovery and acceptance – thanks Bigi!

Fay – Parent of 11 and 9 year olds

We are already getting so much out of the sessions. Having Bigi alongside the course is really helpful. Both of us really enjoy their style of engagement – they really listen and encourage us in a positive way and it’s clear that they are giving thought to our assignments between the sessions. It feels very personal. Our sessions feel like a very safe space for us to be able to talk openly.

Keshi and Fay – Parents of 11 and 9 year olds

Taking part in the Jai institute parenting course has enabled me to become a more intuitive parent.

The coach, Bigi, created a safe space for me to explore my own childhood, understand my habits and behaviour and how that impacts my parenting, allowing me to empathise, reflect and develop as a person. Additionally, the course has enabled me to understand what is going on with my child both physiologically and emotionally, so that I can support them to express their needs and grow.

During the course my relationship with my self and my daughter has become stronger, the transformation in my daughter has been incredible, I came into the course with fear about my daughter’s mental health and felt I had lost them. The course helped me develop empathy and patience and as a result they have regained confidence in themselves, our relationship is stronger and we are all much happier.

I can’t thank you enough for supporting me to rediscover myself and my daughter.

Nix B – Parent of 13 year-old

I have been really enjoying the coaching sessions with Bigi. They have a calm and also humorous approach to the work. I feel safe to share and let go of thoughts and stories that don’t serve me. They offer useful suggestions for personal and parental growth without judgement. I feel heard and supported.

Nix B – Parent of 13 year-old